Corn Milling Data Sheet
Corn Degeminator
Ideal for corn degemination, husking and crushing operations to obtain grits for brewery, snack food with minimum fat content, also used in ethanol, chemical and medicine industries. The corn after conditioning will be pushed to screen drum at tangential way from inlet end, with friction, impact, extrusion from pushers, beaters, screen and corn itself, kernels are disassembled, ectocarp dehulled, endosperm broken, germ separated.
Corn Milling Data Sheet
Corn Extruder
New equipment designed for corn extrusion, based on existing model for soybean process (wet), the stress screw, extrusion chamber and outlet box have been redesigned, and additionally equipped with cutter mechanism, reliable operation, stable performance.
Corn Milling Data Sheet
Gravity Separator
Ideal equipment used to classify mixture from degerminator and sifter, then to separate germ from grits based on densimetric principle.