Oilseed Milling Data Sheet
Roll Crusher
Fluted rolls design, makes oil seed to particles with proper size for flaking, decreases oil residue in meal. Adjustable roll gap, uniform pressure, rolls take apart when stock shut off. Chilled cast iron roll, high surface hardness and more durable.
Oilseed Milling Data Sheet
Roll Huller
Fluted rolls design, for removal of hull or husk from kernel with different speed of rolls. High efficiency.
Oilseed Milling Data Sheet
Designed for improve structure, to increase capacity in flaking and extraction, save solvent consumption and minimize oil residue in meal.
Oilseed Milling Data Sheet
Flaking Roll
Key equipment in oil seed pre-treatment, hydraulic operation, automatic control of feed gate, roll engagement through level sensor. Crashworthy hydraulic device prevents roll from impact when stock interrupted, to avoid damage of rolls. Guide device makes stock uniform in length of roll.
Oilseed Milling Data Sheet
Screw Oil Press
Ideal equipment in large & medium size oil mill, for pre-pressing, or pressing of oil seeds, such as cottonseed, rapeseed, sunflower seed, ground nut, etc., large capacity, continuous operation, low power consumption. Cake loose but not fragile, easy for solvent penetration, low oil residue in cake after extraction.